Cumberbatch TV: Patrick Melrose; The Way of All Flesh

"Add the latest Patrick Melrose promo to the list of the year's best television trailers," IndieWire reported, adding that a new trailer for the five-part Showtime limited series "expertly charts the character's fractured psych. The rapid-fire editing style cuts between the past and present as we see Patrick's abusive father and how the character's childhood trauma still haunts his older self." Based on Edward St. Aubyn's books, the project stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugo Weaving and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Cumberbatch also executive produces.


Cumberbatch's production company SunnyMarch has pre-empted the television rights to Ambrose Parry's upcoming novel, The Way of All Flesh, the first book "in a new historical series set in the medical world of Edinburgh, Scotland, in the 1840s," Deadline reported. Ambrose Parry is the pseudonym for a collaboration between author Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Marisa Haetzman, who "now plan to adapt the novel into a returning drama series but Cumberbatch is unlikely to star in this one," Deadline noted.

Claire Marshall, executive producer at SunnyMarch, said, "Marisa and Chris have crafted a brilliant world from the real lives of remarkable men and women who made their mark in the history books and changed the face of medicine. We are incredibly excited about expanding on the themes and characters to make a bold, ambitious and thrilling drama series about young, restless, and flawed junior doctors. It's a story about identity, sex and ambition shot through with a sense of modernity."

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