Movies: The White Tiger

Netflix "has set the Man Booker Prize-winning Aravind Adiga novel The White Tiger as a feature film," Deadline reported. Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes, Fahrenheit 451) will adapt and direct the project, with Mukul Deora producing through Watchtower Pictures, and Prem Akkaraju and Ken Kamins executive producing.

"The author has been a close friend since college, and he wrote parts of the book in my apartment," said Bahrani, who attended Columbia University with Adiga. "One man's personal story encompasses the entire scope of the country, and it is done with biting humor. I'm not giving anything away because it is revealed early, but the chauffeur kills his master and steals all his money. But he is charming in the way that Alex was in A Clockwork Orange. Or in Goodfellas, where you knew that Joe Pesci's character was a sociopath, but you could relate to Ray Liotta's character, a seemingly nice person who goes down the wrong path."

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