Opening Indie Bookshop Was a Winning Bet

"When I opened an independent bookshop in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare on September 28th, 2016, a lot of people told me that I was foolish. Some were blunt, coming into the bookshop to tell me in person that people didn't buy books and that Kindles were the future. Some were more diplomatic, waiting until it was obvious that the bookshop was flourishing to tell me about their initial fears. My favorite was the man who came in and told me that he and his friend had made a €5 bet that the shop wouldn't be open in six months. Thankfully, he had put his money on us being open and he told me that having seen the shop, he was going to raise the stakes to €10. He also bought a book so on balance, it was a welcome visit."

--Dawn Behan, owner of Woodbine Books in Kilcullen, which was named Ireland's Independent Bookshop of the Year [the overall winner will be announced May 14 at the British Book Awards ceremony], in the Irish Times
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