Book Lovers Dream Wedding at Owl & Company Bookshop

photo: Zoe Larkin

Owl & Company Bookshop in Oakland, Calif., was the setting recently for a lovely bookish wedding. "It happens every day in bookstores around the world. People meet, fall in love, begin stories that create ideas, and dreams and marriages," co-owner Jerry Thompson noted. "The bookshop has always been that secret place, the one place love can find a home. The Owl & Company Bookshop has taken the dream and made it a reality for two customers, Lauren and Scott. New to Oakland, discovering the joint love of books so much they decided to exchange their wedding vows at the location."

Describing the Piedmont District as "a community rich with diversity, arts, great food, and most of all a community of book lovers," Thompson said: "With three bookstores on the same block, there is never a shortage of dreamers. Lauren's love of the shop played a major role in the ceremony: antiquarian book as chariot for the wedding rings, and being surrounded by the spirit of old and new titles was comforting."

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