Bloomsbury Acquires I.B. Tauris Publishers

Bloomsbury has acquired I.B. Tauris Publishers, a move designed to "strengthen Bloomsbury's commitment to serve the scholarly community with original, cutting-edge content," according to the company, which added that the I.B. Tauris publishing catalogue "aligns with Bloomsbury’s academic publishing in the humanities, and broadens their publishing in the social sciences, particularly in Middle East Studies and International Relations where I.B.Tauris has been a leader." Jonathan McDonnell, managing director of I.B. Tauris since 1997, will remain with the company until late summer to ensure an orderly transfer of the business to Bloomsbury.

Jonathan Glasspool, managing director of Bloomsbury's academic & professional division, said, "I.B. Tauris's authors in the arts and humanities will benefit from the wider reach and scale of Bloomsbury's international operation, as well as Bloomsbury's investments in academic digital resources through its 2020 initiative."

Iradj Bagherzade, founder and chairman of I.B. Tauris, added that there is "a genuine complementarity between our two programs: both Bloomsbury and I.B. Tauris share a common approach to publishing, which is not only academically rigorous and quality-centered but also tightly focused on discrete academic disciplines. And in many subject areas there will be a real dove-tailing effect where our lists will fit perfectly with existing ones.... The old maxim was never truer: the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts."

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