Fundraising Begins for Colo.'s Narrow Gauge Book Co-op

Narrow Gauge Book Co-op, a proposed cooperative bookstore in Alamosa, Colo., has launched what it calls a "comprehensive fund-raising campaign," including an Indiegogo effort, with the goal of raising $86,000 "to curate inventory, support a volunteer coordinator, and make some infrastructure updates." Other fundraising events are scheduled this month. The initiative, which began earlier this year when Narrow Gauge Newsstand closed after more than 40 years in business, is a grassroots effort to reinvent the downtown bookshop.

"With the blessing of building owner John Duffy, the Narrow Gauge Books Co-op hopes to revive the space for booklovers. We hope to sell new and used books, food and art supplies along with hosting events such as book clubs, writing workshops and book signings," said the organizers on Narrow Gauge's website. "We have a board and are working on incorporating. Now we need investors, members, and volunteers. Keep an eye on this space for information on how to invest or donate, upcoming events--and how to become a member of the best independent bookstore in the Valley."

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