Greedy Reads: 'Bright, Airy, Inviting & Packed with Titles'

"Opening a bookstore in the Amazon age may seem daunting, but Chevy Chase native and publishing industry veteran Julia Fleischaker makes it look easy," Baltimore Style reported, adding that her new Fells Point venture, Greedy Reads, "is a book lover's dream: bright, airy, inviting and packed with titles just begging to be taken off the shelves."

In a q&a, Baltimore Style asked Fleischaker: "Why open a bookstore now, when so many are closing?"

Her response: "They say everybody in publishing wants to write a book or open a bookstore. I had been spending a lot of time in Baltimore, and I liked its spirit and grit, the idea that people are following their passions here. Then I saw the space and that sealed the deal. There were a few years where a lot of bookstores were closing, and I think people really recognized the loss. They realized that if they wanted to keep them around, they had to support them. We've had e-books for a while, but I think the novelty is wearing off. People are realizing that they don't absorb or enjoy or get lost in them in the same way. I think the [physical] book is a pretty perfect invention."

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