Happy Mother's Day: A Bookseller's Perspective

"The data is irrefutable, Mothers love you more when you give them something from Booksmith! What can we say, you can't argue with science. I said don't argue. Eat your peas. Happy Mother's Day!

"Mothers couldn't be mothers without little kids, which brings to mind this truth of bookselling: if a kid has to be carried out of our store screaming and crying, it means we're doing something right. I want to say to all the mothers out there, who might feel like everyone is watching them and judging them and annoyed by their shrieking kid... that's not us. We know you're doing a great job. Your child loves our store and the books in it so much. That's because of you, and we thank you."

--A Mother's Day note from Paul Theriault of Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, Mass., in the shop's e-mail newsletter
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