Binc, Macmillan Professional Development Scholarship Returns

The Macmillan Booksellers Professional Development Scholarship, a program launched last year by the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and Macmillan Publishers to provide professional development opportunities to booksellers from groups traditionally underrepresented in the industry, is returning for another year.

The scholarship will provide nine booksellers, one from each regional booksellers association, with up to $500 to attend a regional trade show. To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must have worked in a bookstore for at least 90 days as a regular or part-time employee and must fall into one of the following categories: a person of color; someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer; or a person with disabilities. Applications will be open from June 1 until July 1, and booksellers will need to answer three short essay questions when they apply. Winners will be chosen by a panel of Binc board members, booksellers, bookstore owners and publishers.

"We were delighted by the response to the scholarships last year and are so pleased to be able to offer them again in 2018," said Monique Patterson, editorial director of St. Martin's Press, and Angus Killick, v-p and associate publisher of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group. "Judging by the responses we received from last year's participants, this is a worthwhile and rewarding program, which opens up a valuable experience to booksellers who would otherwise find it out of reach."

Pam French, Binc's executive director, said: "The Binc Foundation exists to help booksellers thrive. By working with Macmillan Publishers to bring diverse voices to regional trade shows, we're enriching conversations and improving the story of the bookselling industry."

Booksellers can find more information here.

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