Taiwan's Eslite May Move Its 24/7 Bookstore

The Eslite bookstore in Taipei, Taiwan, that has been open 24 hours a day since 1999, will "likely" close its doors in 2020 when the lease on its space runs out, the company announced. Focus Taiwan said that while Eslite believes it might be able to negotiate a lease extension, it will seek another site in the city to house a store open around the clock. The store in downtown Taipei, which has three levels underground and two levels above ground, offers many English-language books and "has been a big draw for many foreign visitors," Focus Taiwan added.

The announcement was made at the annual general meeting of Eslite Spectrum, owner of the Eslite bookstore chain. In other news, company chairwoman Mercy Wu said Eslite is considering expanding into Japan and Southeast Asia, possibly with partners or via licensing. Besides its 50 or so stores in Taiwan, Eslite has three stores in Hong Kong and one in China, where it will open three more in the near future.

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