BTW Shares One Second Survey Results

Bookselling This Week has shared some results from its weekly One Second Surveys, collected over the past few months. Some highlights include:

  • 37% of BTW respondents have either a bookstore dog or a bookstore cat, while 63% said they have no bookstore pet.

  • Out of jazz, rock and classical music, classical is most popular with booksellers: 42% of respondents said they played it in their stores more often than the other two options.

  • For 8% of BTW readers, Groundhog Day is apparently the busiest holiday of the year. Most (61%) said Mother's Day.

  • 36% admitted to occasionally sneaking off to read while on the job, with 8% saying they did it frequently. 56% said they never read while on the clock.

  • Pride and Prejudice (58%) is the most popular literary love story, with Love in the Time of Cholera (28%) and The Fault in Our Stars (14%) rounding out the top three.

  • When asked how often booksellers dust their stores, 28% answered: "What's dusting?" 50% of respondents said they give their stores a weekly dusting.

  • A disturbing 1% of respondents said they "love" movie tie-in covers.

  • The crowd has spoken: the ABA's Joy Dallanegra-Sanger will be dyeing her hair pink for Winter Institute 14 in Albuquerque, N.Mex., next January.

A new One Second Survey is asked each week in BTW.

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