{pages} Founding Partner Margot Farris to Retire

Margot Farris

Margot Farris, a founding partner of {pages} a bookstore in Manhattan Beach, Calif., has decided to retire. With Linda McLoughlin Figel and Patty Gibson, she opened {pages} in 2010. "After eight-plus years, more than 400 newsletters and new release Tuesdays, hundreds and hundreds of author events, and thousands of days enjoying the books, customers and authors she's come into contact while at {pages}, Margot is ready for her next adventure," the store wrote. "{pages} is very sad to see her go but grateful for all that she has accomplished and done for {pages} in the eight years since we opened our doors. We wish her the best of luck on her next adventure."

Figel and Gibson, along with Sunni Won, who joined {pages} as a partner in 2015, remain involved in the store, along with general manager Kristin Rasmussen and the staff.

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