Byrd's Books in Bethel, Conn., Is Relocating

In August, Byrd's Books, Bethel, Conn., will move down the street from its current location at 126 Greenwood Ave. to a building at 178 Greenwood, across from the Bethel Public Library.

"I guess the word is out," owner Alice Hutchinson wrote on the store's website, where she offered "the full story" on the impending move by answering a few anticipated questions. "We are open through July and most of August. There are only going to be a few days, as we transfer computers, that we will need to stay out of operation."

A key factor in the decision was that the "rent is more affordable.... We discovered that much of our business is coming from author events and off-site book vending. That although this new space has the same square footage (much less storage) we could continue to manage a brick-and-mortar storefront if our costs were reduced."

The Toy Room is moving in next door. An interior door between the two businesses will allow Byrd's Books to add to its offerings of children's events. Cautioning that the bookshop is not becoming exclusively a children's bookstore, Hutchinson added that "our intention is to add to our regular (non-children's) inventory. We hope to broaden our scope a bit."

"Thank you for all that you do to keep this little independent bookstore alive," Hutchinson told customers. "Your support and encouragement is impactful. We strive to bring quality reading materials and the culture of a neighborhood bookstore to Bethel and the surrounding area. It is no secret that online sales have changed the face of most downtowns in the country- and our is not immune to the effect that Amazon has on our business, and others here. Nevertheless, we feel we bring something meaningful to share, and will continue to strive to make it work. 'Shop local' is not just a slogan, it's a lifestyle."

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