Obituary Note: Brad Steiger

Brad Steiger, bestselling author of books on paranormal and conspiracy topics, died May 6, shortly after completing the manuscript for his final book, Haunted: Malevolent Ghosts, Night Terrors, and Threatening Phantoms, his publisher, Visible Ink Press, reported. He was 82. Born Eugene E. Olson, he grew up on an Iowa farm, where a near-death accident changed his perspective on life when he was 11. This out of body experience eventually led him to research and write about all things "unexplained."

Steiger's first book, Ghosts, Ghouls and Other Peculiar People, was published in 1965. In the early 1970s, his weekly newspaper column, "The Strange World of Brad Steiger," was carried in 80 U.S. newspapers and publications around the world.

Steiger ultimately wrote or co-wrote more than 170 books, which have sold 17 million copies. He married Sherry Hansen in 1987 and together they wrote more than 50 books. Steiger's titles include The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings; Revelation: The Divine Fire; and (with Sherry Hansen Steiger) Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier; and Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds.

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