Bookshop Wedding of the Day: Gogol Bookstore

"Flowers, chandeliers, dozens of overflowing bookshelves and a red carpet make for an enchanting setting for those who choose Gogol Bookstore in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, for their wedding," China Daily reported, adding that since the shop opened in 2014, 36 couples have held their nuptials there.

"Unlike traditional lavish hotel weddings in large banquet rooms with countless round tables, bookstore weddings are more like an intimate family party," said Yu Bing, the bookstore's general manager. "Our store is quite small, so the number of guests is limited. Only the couple's closest relatives and friends can be invited."

Gogol Bookstore's staff try to come up with novel ideas for each reception. "We have a red carpet with love poems printed on it," Yu said. "Guests can receive unique gifts such as books, bookmarks and postcards, which are all specially designed for each wedding.... Traditional bookstores face challenges from online rivals, so we have to fight back by developing a new way to grow. So it's a good idea to host weddings in bookstores, as it is welcomed by young people and brings books back into the conversation."

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