Let's Play Books Joining Forces with Ju-Ju Monkey

Let's Play Books children's bookstore in Emmaus, Pa., will join forces with Ju-Ju Monkey, which plans to close its Allentown store at the end of June. The Morning Call reported that the natural parenting business is "shifting its focus away from retail and concentrating more on children's and parenting classes and meet-ups."

At the bookstore, Ju-Ju Monkey will "offer classes and a smaller selection of merchandise, including amber necklaces, skincare products and baby-wearing and teething items, in a second-floor room," the Morning Call wrote. Owner Sara Moore said that as she and Let's Play Books! owner Kirsten Hess prepare to combine forces, they are excited about the opportunity to further "support each other, not compete against each other."

"We're really just going back to our roots," Moore said. "My vision has always been to have a space where parents could hang out and connect with each other and realize their feelings and frustrations are valid. So, I really wanted to create that tribe, or village, that everyone needs. That's been my main goal since the beginning.... We want to keep that sense of community by bringing families together."

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