TV: Mr. & Mrs. American Pie

Laura Dern is developing an hourlong series based on Juliet McDaniel's debut novel, Mr. & Mrs. American Pie. Deadline reported that this is Dern's first project since she and her producing partner, Jayme Lemons, through their production company Jaywalker Pictures, signed a first-look TV deal with Platform One Media.

McDaniel will write the adaptation and executive produce with Dern, Lemons, Elisa Ellis of Platform One and Adam Gomolin, founder of Inkshares, the book publisher and rights-management company that optioned the rights to the novel to Platform One Media.

"As an award-winning actress, talented producer, and articulate creative visionary, Laura Dern is well-respected for her artistry and activism in Hollywood and around the world. We look forward to working with Jaywalker Pictures to develop compelling stories and necessary narratives for television that resonate with audiences around the globe," said Platform Media CEO Katie O'Connell Marsh.

Dern added: "Jayme and I ... feel so inspired by the passion Katie O'Connell and her amazing team brings to every creative conversation."

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