'Bookstores Have to Find a New Way to Evolve'

Emma Ramadan, co-owner of Riffraff bookstore/bar in Providence, R.I., appeared on RI Small Biz Fuel with GoLocal CEO Josh Fenton recently to discuss how bookstores are evolving around the country. The segment features small businesses in the state and is part of an ongoing series between GoLocalProv and Commerce RI.

"There are a couple of other bookstore-bars in the country," said Ramadan. "In late 2016 I was up on in the Hudson Valley--at the Spotty Dog--and [realized] my whole life was to open bookstore bar.... Bookstores are evolving--and to keep up with online, and Amazon, bookstores have to find a new way to evolve, and this trend of bookstore-bars has been cropping up the past few years."

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