Simon & Schuster Distributing Zuiker Press

Zuiker Press, which will publish "issue-based" graphic novels by teens, will be distributed by Simon & Schuster.

Founded by CSI franchise creator Anthony E. Zuiker and his wife, Michelle, who has 17 years of experience in elementary school education, Zuiker Press will publish titles on a range of subjects, including divorce, cyberbullying, body dysmorphia, school shootings, transgender, and suicide and opioid addiction. Each book includes educational support materials on the subject to assist educators and parents on how to continue the dialogue. Zuiker Press combines Michelle Zuiker's "deep experience in education" and Anthony Zuiker's "background in storytelling across television and film" to share these teens' stories. The press is working closely with the authors to develop the books.

The first two titles, appearing in November, are Mend: A Story of Divorce by Sophia Recca, "a heart-wrenching story of an 11-year-old girl's heartbreak when her parents unexpectedly announced their divorce," and Click: A Story of Cyberbullying by Lexi Philips, "a shocking depiction of a young teenager's torment in the world of online harassment." Zuiker Press aims to publish two titles in each of the spring and fall seasons through spring 2021.

Michelle Zuiker, chief content officer, said, "We are proud to sign with Simon & Schuster to help bring to market our mission to give voice to young people who truly have the opportunity to change lives. We believe that when a young person doesn't feel alone in the world, because they just read a story that resonated with them, or gave them hope, or gave them the courage to ask for help, then we've truly accomplished our goal."

Anthony Zuiker, publisher and creative director, added: "My wife and I started on this endeavor because our own children struggle with many of these topics. We've listened to them and their friends. Young people of today want to help others to overcome their personal struggles. They truly want to help save lives. Every young author we are working with has shared in interviews, 'If I can save one life...' comes up time and time again. Young people, reaching out to other young people, today and tomorrow, is what Zuiker Press is all about."

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