More Elves on Bookshop Shelves

Earlier this week, we highlighted the ever-elusive Elf on the Bookshop Shelf at the Bookery in Manchester, N.H. Since then, we've found a few more members of the elfin bookseller family tree:

Sundog Books, Seaside, Fla.: "Look who's back! Pippi, the Sundog Elf, has returned to spread holiday cheer (and probably a few hijinks, too!). Stay tuned for fun gift ideas from Pippi and the Sundog crew!"

Diana's Books and More, Elkin, N.C.: "Our Elf, Clancy, arrived at the store today!! He is excited to see everything the store has to offer and can't wait to meet all of you!!"

King City Books, Mount Vernon, Ill.: "This little guy will be hiding in King City Books until the 28th of December! Come in and find him, take a selfie with him, post it on Facebook and tag Downtown Mt. Vernon Development Corporation. After you post your picture you will be able to enter into a weekly drawing that will happen every Friday. Happy elf hunting!"

Prologue Bookshop, Columbus, Ohio: "Today marks the start of Prologue Bookshop's Elf on the Shelf Challenge for kids! He moves every Wednesday, and if you locate him over the next three weeks, you win your choice of children's book. #elfontheshelf."

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