For Sale: Common Good Books in St. Paul, Minn.

Common Good Books in St. Paul, Minn., has been put up for sale. The independent bookstore was opened by Garrison Keillor in 2006 on Cathedral Hill, then moved to its present location at 38 S. Snelling Ave. in 2012. An announcement of the sale noted that Common Good Books "boasts a loyal customer base of active readers. It has long hosted events, ranging from a monthly book club to readings by local authors to visits from national authors including Cheryl Strayed, David Sedaris, and Hillary Clinton."

"I opened Common Good Books because I loved the bookstores I knew around the U, Perrine's and McCosh's and Heddan's and Savran's," said Keillor. "And now I'm leaving town and am busy writing a book of my own so it's time to turn over the business to someone else. The world is full of wonderful independent bookstores and needs every one."

He told the Star Tribune: "I’m hoping someone will take over the bookstore who has time to devote to it. Amazon is slowly taking over the world but it’s fun to resist, even in a losing cause."

"We've had inquiries and I'm talking to a couple people," said store manager David Enyeart in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. "We've spread a wide net through the grapevine and now we decided it's time for a discussion in the local community." He added that the store is "a unique business opportunity," and that the sale announcement will not affect day-to-day operations: "We are not changing anything in the short term."

For more information, contact Enyeart at 651-225-8989 or by e-mail.

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