'Pledge to Support a Bookshop in Every Town'

"I have a simple idea that crosses political and geographical boundaries, appeals to young and old alike and has very little to do with Brexit. The first political party which adopts it into their manifesto will surely be onto a winner. So what could it be, this idea with the potential to achieve all this? A pledge to support a bookshop in every town. That's it. I told you it was simple. However, a bookshop is much more than a straightforward retail outlet. It is a magical kingdom, a beacon on any row of shops, a venue to meet friends. And if it is a good bookshop, it will seem as if nothing bad can ever happen within its walls. I get the feeling that this kind of sanctuary will be much needed in the coming months. What better time, then, to push for it on the agenda?"

--Jayne Dowle in a Yorkshire Post article headlined "Backing a bookshop in every town would be an easy vote-winner in troubled times"
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