Canvasback Books Coming to Klamath Falls, Ore.

Anne Marie Kessler, a physician with a family practice in Klamath Falls, Ore., plans to bring a new bricks-and-mortar bookstore to the town within the year, the Herald & News reported. While Kessler has not yet found a location for Canvasback Books, she has already debuted her store as a pop-up shop at Klamath Falls' Saturday farmers market.


During her farmer's market appearances, Kessler carries a carefully curated selection of children's books and hosts three story time sessions throughout the day. Each week, Kessler chooses a different topic around which she builds her adult inventory. Her most recent appearance, for example, had an astronomy theme, and the week prior her adult books were all about gardening.

"It's a selection of books that promote early childhood literacy, developing emotional intelligence and building community connections," Kessler told the Herald & News, describing the children's books she carries.

When it comes to her store's future space, Kessler said she plans to have a "robust" children's section and a wide-ranging adult inventory with a focus on local authors and local interests. Kessler also intends to serve tea and have space in her store for customers to sit and relax.

Kessler added that she already received a lot of support from the community, saying: "There's a whole community of people that help each other with figuring out how to do this. It really is a passion of mine, and I view it as giving back to the community."

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