Rediscovered Books, Boise, Idaho, Opening Third Store

Rediscovered Books, Boise, Idaho, is opening a third location, at Indian Creek in nearby Caldwell, in November, Boise Weekly reported.

The new location will in many ways "similar to its downtown Boise store, with a substantial stock of children's and contemporary literature," the Weekly wrote. "At 3,000 square feet, the footprints of the downtown Boise and Caldwell locations will be nearly identical, and both will double as literary event spaces."

At the same time, there are some differences: the new bookstore "has been tailored to the west end of the Treasure Valley, with bilingual staff members and a large selection of Spanish-language books."

Co-owner Laura DeLaney commented: "I think that part of having a conversation around books and having a place where you can create a connection--speaking the same language really helps. And there is a really significant Spanish-speaking population in Caldwell. That's what the world looks like there. We're not taking a cookie cutter and taking our store that's in downtown Boise and landing it in downtown Caldwell."

Last year, Rediscovered bought Rainbow Books, which became Rediscovered's second location.

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