Nantucket Bookworks: 'Sky-High Shelves and Cozy Nooks'

Airbnb magazine profiled Wendy Hudson, owner of Nantucket Bookworks and Mitchell's Book Corner, who decided four years ago "to take her love of literature to the next level--literally. She added an upper floor, turned it into an apartment with a tome-filled library... and opened it up to overnight guests on Airbnb. The self-­proclaimed geek reader since childhood had spent decades scouring thrift stores for titles, and now her collection lines the library shelves in size order, with a few horizontal, objet-topped stacks stylishly interspersed. Framed quotes from authors such as Roald Dahl and Toni Morrison dot the walls, and visitors frequently take home a free advance copy or two."

"That's their favorite part," she said. "I've hoarded books for as long as I can remember. Creating this space gave me a wonderful chance to see my old favorites again.... We really wanted this to be a destination rental. People don't have bookstores in their towns anymore, so we set up our space to remind them that reading is one of the best ways to spend your time."

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