La Rentrée Display: Bonjour Books DC

"Ready for La Rentrée?" asked Bonjour Books DC in Washington yesterday in a Facebook post, noting: "Despite our best efforts, summer is almost over;-). The good news is that 'La Rentrée' is exciting, too! We have some great resources to celebrate 'l'année scolaire.'

"And in the meantime, why not inject some 'Je ne sais quoi' into these last lazy days of summer and stop by your friendly local French bookstore? We have French musique playing (we take requests, too!) comfy reading nooks, café on tap, and something for everyone on the shelf, including not-yet French speakers: a small selection of English-language titles, many bilingual books, and lots of fun French-themed gifts! We also have several upcoming French-language activities with spots still open...."

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