Roy M. Carlisle to Head Transpersonal Publications

The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Foundation has launched Transpersonal Publications, a publishing house to serve the mental health, psychotherapy and research communities. It aims for a multidisciplinary pursuit of transpersonal studies through innovative research to tackle the most challenging contemporary issues of modern living and global concerns.

Roy M. Carlisle

Roy M. Carlisle has been named publishing director of Transpersonal Publications and will develop and implement the Foundation's publications strategy for new books and a scholarly journal. The Foundation said that "the combination of his graduate work in theology and psychology, and his more than 40 years of experience as an executive in the trade and scholarly book publishing industry, have prepared him well for achieving success in this new position."

Carlisle holds an M.A. from Fuller Seminary, has studied counseling psychology at Santa Clara University, and has been a senior editor at HarperCollins, co-owner & editorial director at Wildcat Canyon Press/PageMill Press, and a senior editorial consultant at the Crossroad Publishing Company.

The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Foundation was established in 1975 as the first graduate school and research center to focus on transpersonal psychology. It has helped launch such fields as mind-body medicine, positive psychology, and consciousness studies, health and healing.

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