Busy Bee Bookstore Debuts in Lockport, N.Y.

Busy Bee Bookstore has opened at 209 Washburn St. in Lockport, N.Y., as "a retail business that will sell children's literature, as well as a limited selection of adult nonfiction. All books will be available at 50% off their retail price. Our mission is to provide affordable literature to children, parents, and educators to help foster a love of reading in our community."

Owner Holly Edwards wants to "help ensure economically distressed children are better able to develop a love for reading," the Union-Sun & Journal reported, adding that the shop primarily sells bargain books.

"Retailers overstock books... and the publishers resell them at a reduced price," she said. "It's just really important the books are affordable for the kids in the neighborhood." A mother of three, she became interested in opening up a bookstore after coordinating literary events at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School last year.

Edwards told the Union-Sun & Journal she believes the reduced prices will help her business succeed in an age of increased digitization of books: "I'm hoping because the prices are lower that we'll still be able to make sales."

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