Building Mural in the Works for Milwaukee's Rainbow Booksellers

illustration: The Heights Dream Library

"The side of the building that has been home to Rainbow Booksellers since 1994 will soon be painted with a mural called the Heights Dream Library, a reference to its Washington Heights neighborhood on the West Side of Milwaukee," reported. Artist Fred Kaems, who lives in the neighborhood, is painting the mural, which will depict books on shelves.

"We have owned this building for over 20 years, and this wall has been calling out to me," said co-owner Dan Schley. "As my wife (Barbara Haig) and I thought about what we find important, literacy and art rose to the top. I pictured an enormous bookcase filled with glorious books! Through an RFP, we connected with Fred Kaems, a wonderful muralist who lives here in Washington Heights. The grant from the Milwaukee Arts Board brought us to the starting gate, but what we really need now is book title ideas. We want anyone, anywhere to submit ideas on the form. We're confident that enough people will also want to become a Book Sponsor and dedicate a book to someone so that we can match the Board's funds."

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