Movies: Fair Warning

Michael Connelly will write the screenplay for a film adaptation of his recent bestselling novel Fair Warning, "which is being seen as a potential franchise," Deadline reported. Connelly is producing alongside Denis O'Sullivan and Jeff Kalligheri of Compelling Pictures, as well as two-time Emmy nominee Jeffrey Pollack (Laurel Canyon). Best known for his Harry Bosch novel series, Connelly has sold more than 74 million books worldwide, which have been translated into 40 languages.

Fair Warning is the third in a newer series (The Poet, The Scarecrow) featuring investigative journalist Jack McEvoy, "who has often been cited as the character most closely resembling the author in real life, with Connelly himself having been a crime reporter for years," Deadline wrote.

"I'm very excited to be joining Denis and the two Jeffs on this project," said Connelly. "From day one we have all been on the same creative page and think there is a movie here that will be a great thrill ride; at the same time it takes a hard look at questions about genetic culture and privacy."

In a statement, O'Sullivan and Kalligheri said Connelly "is at the forefront of his many fields, and we could not be more excited to work with him as the author and screenwriter on this film. When we first started talking about this incredible book with Michael, and found that we had the same touchstones in movies like Chinatown, Zodiac and Seven, it became evident that we'd be incredibly fortunate to go on this journey together, hopefully the first of several. Huge thanks to Jeff Pollack for bringing us all to the table and making this unnerving flick with us."

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