Oh Hello Again Bookshop Opens in Seattle

Oh Hello Again bookshop, which "specializes in bibliotherapy, or using books to help with life's various problems," has opened at 324 15th Ave. E #101 in Seattle, Wash.

"You can find the topic you're interested in. Or a book maybe you weren't even looking for," owner Kari Ferguson told Capitol Hill Seattle blog. She believes in "the notion that novels and reading can help individuals process, work through, and deal with different issues and concerns in their lives."

Oh Hello Again's books are organized "by topics--mental health, everyday problems, bettering yourself, relationships, travel, and many more--but don't expect shelves of self-help books," CHS wrote. "The sections contain a mix of novels, picture books, young adult books and graphic novels that address the themes of the areas a reader might want to explore."

Ferguson hopes that customers will find books that become "part of the decor in your life and have these emotions and feelings connected to them," but knows that others will just be looking for a good read.

Previously the owner of Dickens Children's Books in Vancouver, Wash., Ferguson "is excited to join Capitol Hill's relatively rich book shop scene," including nearby Ada's Technical Books, CHS noted, adding that Ferguson hopes Oh Hello Again complements her new neighbors, "especially technical and sci-fi-forward Ada's as the two shops provide new spins on the bookstore genre."

She remains positive about the future for indies: "This is why I think there will always be bookstores. There's something so important to seeing and feeling a book.”

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