Cool Idea of the Day: 'Curated Grab Bags of Books'

Capitol Hill Books, Washington, D.C., "has become flexible with a changing business model to get by" during the pandemic, and among the shop's survival strategies has been offering curated grab bags of books, ABC7 reported.  

"We have a simple form where readers can tell us what kinds of books they enjoy, and how much they want to spend," said co-owner Kyle Burk. "Then, based on the books they've liked in the past, we put together a stack of books for them, send them a photo of what we've selected, and ship them out or get them ready for curbside pickup. It's turned into a really fun process for both readers and our employees, who get to suggest titles that they think our customers would love."

He added: "It's hard times all around, and I don't know that we're qualified to tell other businesses what to do.... What's worked for us is staying flexible, being open to doing things we've never tried before, and working really, really hard."

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