Brooklyn Library's 'Outdoor Reading Rooms'

The Brooklyn Public Library "is welcoming visitors to enjoy the bliss and safety of reading outside by installing outdoor reading rooms with seating and wi-fi connectivity in twenty of their locations this spring," Untapped New York reported. Some locations will also provide book carts for browsing. In addition, Brooklyn Public Library will offer outdoor programming including Story Walks (panels of stories or songs and rhymes placed on fences).

At the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza, the outdoor reading room, designed by artist Heinrich Spillman, is particularly striking. "The seating is all made of wood reclaimed from landfills,... with the majority of the wood sourced from Green-Wood Cemetery," Untapped New York wrote. "The wood comes from a variety of tree species and according to the library, are 'treated by fire scorching, using the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Suji Ban, with wood sealers and/or clear varnishes or are intentionally left exposed to the decaying elements of nature." Titled Celestial Heroes Banquet, each work is a concept for seating in a public park-like setting.

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