Image of the Day: Porridge Party at Copperfield's Petaluma

Sarah Mlynowski found a spot that was juuuust right when she dropped by Copperfield's, Petaluma, Calif., this past Monday to autograph copies of the newest book in her Whatever After series, Good As Gold (Scholastic), the day before its release. Copperfield's hosted an evening Porridge Party for kids who preordered the book: they picked up their personalized books and a bag of porridge packets (read: oatmeal) and fixins and other fun swag, and then jumped on a Zoom event with Mlynowski and Copperfield's Patty Norman where they ate their porridge (out of bowls that were too big, or too small, or just right) all while listening to a reading from the  book and playing Three Bears Trivia.

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