Awards: PEN Translates Winners

Books from 11 countries and 11 languages are among the 12 winners of English PEN's translation awards, including--for the first time--titles from Yemen, Ecuador and Ireland, as well as work translated from the Tibetan and Irish. Among winners are the first novels by Tibetan and Yemeni women ever to be published in the U.K. Books are selected for PEN Translates awards "on the basis of outstanding literary quality, the strength of the publishing project, and their contribution to U.K. bibliodiversity." See the complete list of winners here.

"These 12 books are significant works of literature," said Will Forrester, translation and international manager at English PEN. "They represent some of the most exciting literature in translation arriving into the U.K. market. Remarkable in variety of language, voice, form, subject and geography, they are united in being outstanding pieces of writing and translating. I would like to thank the Selection Panel for all their work in determining these awards. English PEN is thrilled to be helping these books get to readers, in a moment in which exceptional, internationalist and diverse literature is vital."

Ros Schwartz, co-chair of the English PEN translation advisory group, commented: "It is exciting to see the ever-increasing diversity of languages being translated. Despite the tough economic climate, publishers are boldly seeking out new writing from around the globe, often brought to their attention by translators. English PEN is proud to support their efforts. Ultimately, it is readers who benefit from a richly diverse landscape."

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