Merriam-Webster Launching Kids' Imprint

Merriam-Webster is launching a new children's imprint this fall called Merriam-Webster Kids that will publish activity books, picture dictionaries and story books meant to "inspire and excite a new generation of language lovers."

The imprint will debut in October 2021 with the titles Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day: 366 Elevating Utterances to Stretch Your Cranium and Tickle Your Humerus, for children aged 8-12, and the oversized board book Merriam-Webster's 150 First Words. Word of the Day will include audio downloads paired with each story narrated by celebrities like Rachel Bloom, David Harbour and Soledad O'Brien.

"Reading with children from an early age helps build lifelong literacy skills," said Merriam-Webster president Greg Barlow. "And those skills open worlds. Through reading, kids learn about the world around them, the world beyond them and the infinite worlds yet to be imagined."

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