Banter Bookshop Opens in Fremont, Calif.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held this week at Banter Bookshop, which has opened at 3768 Capitol Avenue Suite F, Fremont, Calif. The bookstore is a dream project of Amy Holmes Davis, a longtime resident of the city, who noted on the shop's website: "We are excited to be creating a shop for all ages where everyone will feel welcome to browse the latest selection of new books, chat with a bookseller or fellow patron, or purchase a gift for a friend. We hope your love of reading will inspire you to stop by."

On Facebook, Davis posted: "Thank you to everyone who attended the Ribbon Cutting this afternoon and to all those sending wishes from afar. I was so thrilled and honored to see you all there. So many people helped get me get to this point. Words cannot express my gratitude. My husband and daughters have provided endless support--without them truly this wouldn’t be possible. I am so thankful to all my family, and friends who are like family, who cheered me on as I chatted about this dream of mine for years!... And thank you to all of you who have taken interest in supporting a new local independent bookstore--I cannot wait to see you at Banter Bookshop!"

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