The Womb Bookstore in Hawaii Closing Physical Shop

The Womb Bookstore in Kapa'a, on Hawaii's Kauai island, which opened in 2020, will be closing its physical shop and moving all operations online. In a post on the shop's social media sites, owner Keri Cooks said: "I have a special announcement for you all today. After one year and seven months of building and creating and serving all of you here in this physical location, the Womb Bookstore is moving online.

"Thank you for your grace as I make that transition. A teacher teaches, a reader reads, and a lover loves so you'll continue to see me online sharing my wisdom and doing readings. You'll also see me around here in Kauai at the markets.... I am, like many others, looking for housing here on the island.... Thank you all so much for allowing me to serve you. It has been an honor. I'll be in the store for the next couple of weeks and everything including the furniture will be for sale! Stop by and see me."

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