TV: This Is Not a Pity Memoir

Abi Morgan will adapt and direct a TV adaptation of her book This Is Not a Pity Memoir. Deadline reported that producer Sister acquired rights to the screenwriter's book, which Morgan is executive producing along with Sister co-founder and CCO Jane Featherstone. Sister and Morgan have already collaborated on three seasons of The Split. No broadcaster is attached at this stage of development. Sister will co-produce with Morgan's production company Little Chick.

"Working with Jane and Sister over the last few tumultuous years, they have been my running partners, given a unique birds eye view on the unfolding drama," said Morgan. "As producers of some of the best film and television out there, there is no one else I would trust to help bring the deeply personal This Is Not a Pity Memoir to the screen."

Featherstone added: "Abi has such an extraordinary gift for words, so while it should be absolutely no surprise that her memoir is such a beautiful and powerful book, it still stunned me. We've worked together for many years but her incredible strength in these last few, very challenging ones, has been deeply inspirational."

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