Bob's Bookstore Opens in Salem, Ohio

Bob's Bookstore, a new and used bookstore with an eclectic mix of around 1,000 titles, opened for business in Salem, Ohio, about six weeks ago. Owner Bob Greier told the Salem News that it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

The bookstore is located in a collection of shops called Courtyard Square, on Salem's East State Street. There are books for all ages and everything from classics to Stephen King novels to Chicken Soup for the Soul. The store has tables at which customers can sit and relax, and there is a free coffee stand. He is adjusting his inventory based on customer feedback, and he noted that Colleen Hoover's books have proved especially popular. 

Greier is an author himself and has a varied professional background including machinery, lawn care and teaching. He told the News that when it comes to success, "if I am able to spend my time with like-minded people, then I am successful."

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