'Sometimes Books Can Help Us Find What We Need'

"We may be headed into the nominally sleepy month of July--a time for a pause and a deep breath, when the very air encourages us to slow down--but recent national and international events are weighing on many of us. How do you take care of yourself, and of the people you love, when the world feels heavy? Sometimes books can help us find what we need, whether we're looking for solace; or to share in anger; or for distraction in the form of some expert storytelling, or a beautifully-crafted sentence; or just looking to find the funny wherever possible. Books can also be a precious source of quiet-brain time and of deep focus amidst news and connectedness that can leave us feeling tired and jangled. We hope that you can find the time to read something that nourishes you this July."

--Wellesley Books, Wellesley, Mass., July 6 newsletter
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