Pennie Inspired: New Venture from Pennie Clark Ianniciello

Pennie's Pick is back. Pennie Clark Ianniciello, longtime book buyer at Costco who retired last year after 32 years at the company, is launching a new venture, Pennie Inspired.

She noted that during her time at Costco, "I was able to help shape the narrative for reading by launching many new writers, highlighting favorites that needed some attention and creating compilations of my favorite works all while increasing sales and working hands on with both sides of the industry, publishers and writers."

And so Pennie Inspired will "bring my insights" and help "re-engineer the way books are created, sold and read. I have been fortunate to have wonderful relationships with writers who have become family and will continue to work with them in all areas along with offering consulting service and new ways to share great content. From the start to the end of creative process, the hands on approach is the best formula for success."

She is offering monthly picks to "build upon the great audience we've built over the years to launch talent, create new conversations and reinvent the discussion.

"I'm passionate about books and will be looking for great literature in a variety of genres, including diversity of both subjects and authors. I hope you will add me to your publicity, marketing and mailing lists, as I want to know what you're promoting. Please join Pennie's Pick on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

"Finally, I will be sending out a fun but informative newsletter in the near future to elaborate on Pennie's Picks with opportunities to announce new releases. So please keep me updated."

For more information, contact Pennie at 206-947-7134 or via or

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