Vintage Bookstore & Wine Bar Coming to Austin, Tex.

Vintage Bookstore's future home.

Vintage Bookstore & Wine Bar will open this September at 1101 East 11th St. in Austin, Tex. EATER Austin reported that the bookstore/wine bar is located in the historic Haehnel Building, "which had been a grocery store in the 1800s, Shorty's Bar from the 1960s to the 1980s, and a wine shop at some point." Office tenants are currently being sought for three of the unused spaces in the building.

Owner Jean Elizabeth Buckner was working for a tech company when she decided to embark on her bookstore path. Developing a plan with her husband, she quit her job last fall to start working at Bell Springs Winery in Dripping Springs while simultaneously taking online bookselling courses, with a goal to open a books-and-wine business.

"I look forward to being behind the bar and talking to our customers about this season's newest releases and my recommended book and wine pairings. I hope to build a place of inclusion and connection, a place that brings people together," said Buckner, referring to Vintage as "Austin's living room." She also noted that "books and wine have gone together since the dance of time.... I realized I would love to have a chill environment to read with a glass of wine in hand that wasn't my own home. And if I could browse while drinking wine? Even better." 

The book selection focuses on new titles spanning a variety of genres, including her personal favorites: fiction, especially fantasy and contemporary romance. The shop will also host a free book exchange stand on the patio. The bar-service space at Vintage Books & Wine will include bookshelves, as well as lounge seating with tufted armchairs and velvet sofas. There will be two patios and a small stage for hosting events. In anticipation of the physical store, Buckner had been selling books at local farmers markets as well as online at 

Despite the name, Vintage Books & Wine will not be selling used books. For Buckner, there is a grander meaning behind the word: "Items described as 'vintage' are perceived as unique and personal with the understanding that they've seen a lot of life. We believe our store is exactly that. We offer a welcoming space rooted in the community that is as unique as our wonderful neighbors. And our decor and aesthetic reflect that as well."

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