AAP Sales: 3.7% Slip in May

Total net book sales in May in the U.S. fell 3.7%, to $837.8 million, compared to May 2021, representing sales of 1,368 publishers and distributed clients as reported to the Association of American Publishers. (Figures do not include pre-K-12, because of delays in data collection.) For the first five months of the year, total net book sales were down 2.5%, to $4.62 billion.

Trade book sales fell 3.3%, to $673.1 million. Trade hardcover sales fell 10.7%, to $227.8 million, paperbacks rose 5.6%, to $249.8 million, mass market dropped 46.6%, to $10.3 million. Total e-book sales dropped 5.7%, to $82.5 million.

Sales by category in May 2022 compared to May 2021:

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