Publishers Group West Adds 10 Publishers

Ingram's Publishers Group West has added 10 clients, all effective this fall:

Aeon Books Ltd, a U.K. publisher of books with a focus on botanical medicine. The publisher was established by two practicing medical herbalists with a goal to publish and promote the best writing in contemporary complementary medicine.

Barbican Press publishes novels, poetry and nonfiction that help them explore different cultures, places and people around the globe.

DeVorss & Company publishes and distributes metaphysical, inspirational, spiritual, self-help, and new thought titles. Since its beginning in 1929, DeVorss & Company has been committed to providing booksellers and readers worldwide material that promotes spiritual awareness.

Erewhon Books publishes science fiction and fantasy. It champions diverse, effortlessly strange stories.

Golden Notebook Press will launch its publishing program with Abigail Thomas's new memoir Still Life at 80. Her A Three Dog Life won the 2006 Inspirational Memoir Award given by Books for a Better Life. The press will publish five new titles in 2023.

The Hero's Journal publishes journals and planners that help users build a positive life narrative and achieve their goals, combining the best in goal setting science with the power of story.

Jawbone Press, London, England, which was founded in 2007 and publishes books about music and popular culture, including memoirs of and commentary on a range of popular music covering everything from Bowie to Wilco to Tiny Tim.

Medicine Wheel Publishing publishes Indigenous books, resources and tools for moral and cultural education. Each book teaches a positive moral message designed to invite all children, youth and adults to engage and participate in culture with authenticity and respect.

ScienceWiz publishes books and kits designed to teach fundamental scientific concepts to children through hands-on play.

Shoemaker & Co. was founded by publishing veteran Jack Shoemaker and will focus on literary ventures with a focus on mindfulness and political awareness. It will launch with the publication of Wendell Berry's new work of nonfiction, The Need to Be Whole.

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