Awards: T.S. Eliot Shortlist

The T.S. Eliot Foundation released the shortlist for the 2022 T.S. Eliot Prize, honoring the best new collection of poetry published in the U.K. or Ireland. The winning poet receives £25,000 (about $28,550) and the shortlisted poets each get £1,500 (about $1,715). This year's shortlisted titles are:

Quiet by Victoria Adukwei Bulley 
Ephemeron by Fiona Benson 
Wilder by Jemma Borg 
The Thirteenth Angel by Philip Gross 
Sonnets for Albert by Anthony Joseph 
England’s Green by Zaffar Kunial 
Slide by Mark Pajak 
bandit country by James Conor Patterson 
The Room Between Us by Denise Saul 
Manorism by Yomi ᚢode 

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