For Sale: The Avid Reader, Sacramento, Calif.

The Avid Reader in Sacramento, Calif., is up for sale. After 36 years, owner Stan Forbes has decided to sell the bookstore and retire. 

Forbes reported that the general-interest bookstore has particularly strong selections of new hardcovers, fiction and children's books, and it also offers a substantial selection of magazines, newspapers, toys and puzzles.

The Avid Reader is located in a freestanding, 3,600-square-foot building with good parking and light rail access. Forbes added that it serves the city's Land Park, Midtown and East Sacramento neighborhoods, and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic held author events almost weekly. It also hosted book clubs, sold books at off-site events and held seasonal events such as Christmas string quartets.

Forbes noted that he is open to flexible terms including interest-free financing, and he can be reached here.

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