TV: The Lying Life of Adults

A premiere date has been set for the new TV project based on Elena Ferrante's novel The Lying Life of Adults, translated into English by Ann Goldstein and published by Europa Editions in 2020. Produced by Fandango, the six-episode series will debut January 4, 2023, on Netflix 

The series is directed by Edoardo De Angelis and stars Valeria Golino in the role of Vittoria, and newcomer Giordana Marengo as Giovanna. Alessandro Preziosi (Medici) plays Giovanna's father, Andrea, while Pina Turco (Gomorrah, the series) plays her mother, Nella. The series is written by Ferrante, Laura Paolucci, Francesco Piccolo, and De Angelis.

The logline for The Lying Life of Adults reads: "The search for a new face, after the happy one of childhood, oscillates between two consanguineous Naples which, however, fear and hate each other: the Naples above, which has given itself a fine mask, and the one below, which pretends to be excessive, trivial. Giovanna oscillates between high and low, now tumbling, now climbing, bewildered by the fact that, up or down, the city seems without answer and without escape."

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