The Island Bookshop's Owners Buy Collectors Gallery & Framery in Venice, Fla.

Aimee Odette and Michael Rank, owners of the Island Bookshop, Venice, Fla., have purchased nearby Collectors Gallery and Framery from Leah Sherman, the most recent owner of the business, who is retiring. 

Announcing the acquisition in an Instagram post, Odette noted: "Michael and I could not be more honored to continue this over 40 year history of quality framing, art, and community. Pictured between Michael and me are Patti Cross and David Ortins who will continue on with us as designer/sales consultant and framer respectively. In the second photo are the previous owners who have played an integral role in the success of Collectors Gallery and Framery. What a treat for us! We look forward to continuing the tradition and serving you, our community."

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