TV: Sinful Wallflowers

Sinful Wallflowers, a series of three historical romances (My Darling Duke, Her Wicked Marquess, A Scoundrel of Her Own) by Stacy Reid, is being adapted for television by Sologne Angelique Productions. Sologne Schumacher, the company's CEO and executive producer on the project, will work with Reid to create the TV series and is currently seeking a streaming partner.

"Our company's mission is amplifying the voices of historically excluded creators, and given Stacy Reid's gifts as a storyteller, we knew she was someone we wanted to work with," Schumacher said. "When I read the Sinful Wallflowers series, I knew these were characters the world needed to see." Schumacher's production team includes co-producer Leon Jones and producer/composer Marla Harvey, whose most recent work has been purchased by ESPN/Disney. 

Stacy Cantor Abrams, editorial director of Entangled Publishing and Reid's editor, added: "The Sinful Wallflowers books are bestsellers and fan favorites out of Reid's entire backlist, meaning they represent the very pinnacle of historical romance. Now, we'll get a chance to see these exceptional plots and characters transformed for the medium of television. It's always an exciting process, and I'm confident these books will adapt particularly well."

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